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Chase Lumber a Bliffert Family Company


If ever there were two companies identical in their makeup and philosophies, it’s Chase Lumber and Bliffert Lumber. Quality products. Straight answers. Competitive pricing. Friendly, knowledgeable service. Delivery where you want it when you need it. And a true commitment to community through five generations of family ownership. These are the building blocks that have kept both in business for more than a century.

It’s these qualities, combined with the increased support, products and services from Bliffert Lumber that will continue to be the reason why people in south central Wisconsin choose Chase Lumber as their preferred supplier of lumber and building products.

Serving local, building local since 1897.

Our History

Apr 2019
James W. Chase
3rd Apr 2019


Moses Chase and his son James. W. Chase expands their agricultural holdings by purchasing an interest in a lumberyard. Opening its doors on South Bristol Street in Sun Prairie as Chase, Mann and Gross.

3rd Apr 2019


Benjamin Chase (son of James W.) grows the family business by purchasing Gibbons lumberyard on Main Street. At the same time, the Chase family becomes the sole proprietor of Chase, Mann and Gross.

Chase Lumber Silos 1939
3rd Apr 2019


After consolidating businesses, Chase Lumber & Fuel Company is born, residing on Main Street for the next four decades.

Frederick W Chase
3rd Apr 2019


Frederick W. Chase (son of James W.) takes over as President of Chase Lumber & Fuel Co.

3rd Apr 2019


Frederick expands the business into DeForest by purchasing a lumberyard and running it independent of Chase Lumber & Fuel Co.

Charles A. Chase
3rd Apr 2019


Charles A. Chase becomes President of Chase Lumber & Fuel Co.

Chase Trucks
3rd Apr 2019


With a new building boom, Charles begins to focus the company more on lumber and building and less on fuel. Purchasing a lumberyard in Cottage Grove that would also be independently run.

Theodore W. Chase
3rd Apr 2019


Theodore W. Chase Sr. becomes President of Chase Lumber & Fuel Co.

3rd Apr 2019


In January, an arsonist sets fire to Chase Lumber & Fuel Co. on Main Street. After four decades, the Main Street location is a total loss.

3rd Apr 2019


After the fire, Theodore moves the business to a much larger site on the west side of Sun Prairie (where it stands today) and becomes Chase Lumber, expanding the facility and operations.

3rd Apr 2019


The Cottage Grove lumberyard is folded into Chase Lumber.

David D. Chase
3rd Apr 2019


Upon his retirement, Theodore passes the business on to his son, David D. Chase, who becomes President of Chase Lumber, steering the expansion and growth of the business for nearly four decades.

3rd Apr 2019


Chase Lumber opens in McFarland.

3rd Apr 2019


The DeForest lumberyard is purchased and folded in Chase Lumber.

3rd Apr 2019


Chase Lumber celebrates 100 years in business.

Chase Lumber accepts Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award
3rd Apr 2019


Chase Lumber wins "Wisconsin Family Business of the Year Award” for its contribution to the community and industry, positive links between family and business, and innovative business practices.

Dave Chase, Stu Chase, & Val Stiener
3rd Apr 2019


After the passing of David, a 5th Generation of the Chase family takes the helm of Chase Lumber. Guiding the company with the same philosophies and business acumen that have been handed down for more than 100 years.

3rd Apr 2019


The Cottage Grove lumberyard is closed and its operations spread to the Sun Prairie, Deforest and McFarland facilities.

Apr 2009
Michelle Lakner, APNP-CNP
28th Apr 2009


Bliffert Lumber & Hardware of Milwaukee merges in Chase Lumber to combine two 5th-generation family-owned businesses with a collective 244 years of experience in the building industry. Sharing the same values and business philosophies, the merger elevates the range of services, products, and support for both the customers and communities that both companies serve throughout south-central Wisconsin. Pictured c1880 the first Bliffert location in Milwaukee, WI, and today with Eli Bliffert (5th generation) and son, Devlin Bliffert (6th generation).

Jan 1969
Val Stiener sitting on lumber at Chase Lumber
13th Jan 1969


After 29 years of working at Chase Lumber, and her last seven leading the company as President, Val Stiener, retires. As the 5th generation of family ownership, her leadership helped guide and position the company for prolonged success and growth like the generations of leadership did before her. Assuring that Chase Lumber will continue to support its customers and communities with the utmost in products and services for generations to come.