Local is word of mouth, neighbor helping neighbor, relationships. Community. We are proud to say that since 1897 Chase Lumber has remained local. And while we’ve seen a lot over all those 125 years one thing has remained the same. You. The customer. The very reason we are here and able to celebrate this anniversary. This achievement. Thank you for believing in us, our commitment to you and your support of local.


While technology, products and business processes have changed over the years, our philosophy has not: Give straight answers, provide quality products and services, offer competitive pricing and stick to our local, customer driven roots. That’s not only how we compete with the large, corporate home improvement and lumber stores, it’s how we’ve operated since 1897. And we don’t plan to change that anytime soon.

What you need to know about what you want to do…not what we need to do to just make a sale. Simply said, that’s how you get the best products and service for your money.

Value goes a long way. And when you provide that in products and services for your customers everyday, you stick around a long time.

One reason we’ve been around since 1897 is we know how to compete. And our strong relationships with suppliers, manufactures and associations enable us to do so on price. Good for us, great for you.

At the beginning of the day, it’s relationships. At the end of the day, it’s relationships. This has been our core belief since the beginning. By continually delivering the highest value in products, services and prices for you we create more than a customer. We a build a relationship.


If you’re a contractor who’s new to us, find out about the benefits of working with Chase Lumber. From our products and services. And let’s start building more, together. Contact us.

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