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How to get to the bottom of the right countertop

Choosing the right countertop from the type to the look can seem daunting. But like most products for your home, decisions generally are based on the following three categories: aesthetics, functionality and cost. Prioritizing between those three while understanding how the choices you have in countertops fall into that prioritization can help narrow down your search considerably.

So, let’s break down the characteristics of each countertop option in effort to help you choose the right one for your project.

Quartz countertops

While an engineered (man-made) stone, quartz countertops are A popular choice and can stand on their own against their granite counterparts. An investment, quartz countertops are durable, nonporous plus stain and crack resistant. Quartz countertops require no sealing and come in hundreds of colors. In addition, they are easy to clean and will accept undermount sinks. With that said, quartz countertops have visible seams and are not heat resistant.

Cultured marble countertops

Mainly chosen for bathroom sink tops and windowsills, cultured marble countertops can be a beautiful choice. With an integrated sink molded into the top, you avoid seams (and there are several integrated sink styles available). To personalize your top, matte or gloss finishes are available along with several color choices including swirled marble, solid, onyx and granite patterns.

A few things to take into consideration are that cultured marble is an investment, and the gloss finish is prone to scratching, knicks and burns which are not repairable

Laminate countertops

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly choice, laminates are a great option. They offer several edge choices, are low maintenance and have factory installed undermounts. On the flipside, they have visible seams and over time can scratch, chip or scorch which is not repairable.

Wood countertops

Wood countertops offer a unique, eye-catching surface. Each is a one-of-kind countertop because of the graining in the wood. While a beautiful countertop, wood does require some maintenance. Because it’s a natural product, wood countertops are porous and can absorb liquids and germs if not sealed and treated with mineral oil properly. Wood also will show dents and scratches.

But if you’re careful, there is no problem with wood countertops. And if the beauty and uniqueness appeal to you as an alternative to more traditional countertops, then take a look at wood.

Granite countertops

The natural stone countertop, granite countertops are the choice when supreme durability and unique colors and patterns are a must. Stain, scratch and heat resistant, plus water resistant when sealed properly, granite countertops offer many advantages (they can also be used with undermount sinks). Be mindful that granite is an investment, can require sealing one time a year (or more based on use) and has visible seams.

To learn more and see all the top countertop types and brand options we have to offer stop by your local Chase Lumber store and let us help you with our four-step consultation.