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From deck, screened porch to three season room. How one can become the other.

Whether building a deck or turning one into a three-season sanctuary, you have options. Innovations in decking material and screens and windows systems now enable you to transform your enjoyment of the outdoors like never before.

So, let’s look at the possibilities.

Start with a deck? Check.

If you’re looking to build a new deck or renovate the one you have there are many choices for materials. From the decking itself to railing options. Even the tools used have changed to make building one easier.

With regards to the decking, wood is generally the choice for tighter budgets, but it does require staining or painting and comes with more maintenance needs.

Composite decking on the other hand, like that from ModernView and TREK offers outstanding durability and a variety of looks that don’t require staining or painting. And maintenance is minimal, increasing the time you can spend on it. It’s more of an investment, but over time the convenience adds up.

Deck tip: Prior to installing the decking boards lay a durable screen across the floor joists. This will keep pests from coming through the decking, which is especially important should you want to the turn your deck into a screened porch or three season room someday.

Whether you choose wood or composite decking, pairing it the right railing not only offers the safety you need but helps make your deck the total package. And to your good fortune, there are a variety of styles made from various materials that’ll fit virtually any deck look and design you create.

Decorative hardware by Simpson Strong-Tie.
Decorative hardware by Simpson Strong-Tie.

Railing tip: Railings are essential for safety but can block some views. A great solution is cable railing like that from Key-Link, which falls away from sight and lets the views come through.

Key-Link railings.
Key-Link railings.

Tool tip: The Camo Drive. Now, this is a cool tool. It enables you to install a deck five times faster and save your back and knees at the same time. Its stand-up drive tool attaches to any drill and can be used to install every kind of deck board. Versatile and easy to use, it’s ideal for both contractors and DYIers.

If you’d like to see a demonstration, give us a call.

CAMO Drive deck fastening tool.
CAMO Drive deck fastening tool.

Turn a deck into a screened porch without blocking views? Yes.

You love the open air and unblocked views that a deck provides. Unfortunately, so do unwanted pests. But keeping them away comes with compromising some of the experiences you enjoy about your deck. Until now that is. Screen systems now offer floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall views. Turning your deck into a screened porch without losing the deck experience.

For example, screens systems from Screeneze® or Porch Conversions® can give you the all the pest control without losing the views and open-air feel. Easy to install with many user conveniences, these systems are perfect for contractors and DIYers alike.

Screeneze® the no-spline screen porch system®
Screeneze® the no-spline screen porch system®. Can span large areas with a continuous screen.
Porch Conversions windows
Porch Conversions windows.

Stretching the outdoor season of your deck or screened porch.

As we all know living in these parts, enjoying time outside in your backyard is a relatively short season in Wisconsin. So how can you make it comfortable for at least three of them while maintaining that outdoor experience?

Again, innovation to the rescue.

Window systems like those from the Larson Scenix line offer you the expansive views you want while extending the time you can spend enjoying them. From allowing the refreshing, warm breezes through the screens to keeping the undesirable weather out via the windows, the transition from one to other is very easy.

Larson Scenix windows
Larson Scenix windows.

For more details on transforming your outdoor experience or building one from scratch, contact or stop into your local Chase Lumber and speak to one of our experts. Or have your contractor talk to us. From the materials, products and expert advice we have what you need inside to get the most from your outside.