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Carving Hack

Problem Solver Series-No.3: Never send a feeble, plastic carving gizmo to do the job of a real tool. And by that, we mean a power tool! Yes indeed, using a power tool to carve pumpkins (adults use only, of course 👍) takes the trick out of making cleaner, more accurate cuts. And our favorite is an oscillating multi tool. Like the Fein MultiMaster Starlock Plus or the Makita oscillating multi tool. And by the power of the Great Pumpkin, we have those! So, get your pumpkins, lay down the newspaper and get to carving that creative masterpiece. Then show it off by posting on your Facebook and let us take a gander with a mention to Chase Lumber. Have a safe and Happy Halloween. And by gourde, have fun! 🎃👻