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Local Supplier, Problem Solver and Community Supporter for 125 Years

It’s not the customary Chase Lumber way to speak about ourselves. So, forgive us as we pick up the horn and make a little sound about taking 125 trips around the sun. Toot.

Truth be told, we owe a debt of gratitude to our first customer in 1897 and every single one of you thereafter who have entrusted us with your projects; materials and product needs; questions, challenges, and friendship.

For you to rely on our service and support means everything to us. It’s the common thread that runs through the first day our doors opened in Sun Prairie to where we are now in Sun Prairie, DeForest and McFarland.

So as the saying goes, the more things change the more they stay the same is just how we like it. From the industrial revolution to the depression through two world wars and an ever-changing market, business, and technological landscape we’ve remained true to who we are: A five generation, family-owned business with an extended family of employees who provide straight answers and solutions, competitively priced quality products and services, with a commitment to our local customer and community driven roots.

Which brings us back to you. Our customer. Who not only appreciates who we are too, but is a reason why we can celebrate 125 years in business. And as the next 125 years unfold, be rest assured that we will be focused on providing you and our communities with the materials, products, solutions and support you’ve come expect (with much less talk about ourselves).