Charles A. Chase
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Charles A. Chase becomes President of Chase Lumber & Fuel Co.

Chase Trucks
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With a new building boom, Charles begins to focus the company more on lumber and building and less on fuel. Purchasing a lumberyard in Cottage Grove that would also be independently run.

Theodore W. Chase
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Theodore W. Chase Sr. becomes President of Chase Lumber & Fuel Co.

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In January, an arsonist sets fire to Chase Lumber & Fuel Co. on Main Street. After four decades, the Main Street location is a total loss.

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After the fire, Theodore moves the business to a much larger site on the west side of Sun Prairie (where it stands today) and becomes Chase Lumber, expanding the facility and operations.

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The Cottage Grove lumberyard is folded into Chase Lumber.

David D. Chase
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Upon his retirement, Theodore passes the business on to his son, David D. Chase, who becomes President of Chase Lumber, steering the expansion and growth of the business for nearly four decades.

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Chase Lumber opens in McFarland.

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The DeForest lumberyard is purchased and folded in Chase Lumber.

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Chase Lumber celebrates 100 years in business.

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